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            Author: Lynette Halewood

            Words needed.

            Under are the articles written for DanceTabs. on Balletco
            Rambert in Aisha and Abhaya.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou, ROH and Rambert. (Click image for larger version)

            Rambert – Aisha and Abhaya – London

            ★★   Rambert dancers on stage perform with great energy and commitment but the whole thing doesn’t manage to live up to its ambitious objectives…

            Francesco Gabriele Frola in Le Corsaire.(c) Laurent Liotardo. (Click image for larger version)

            English National Ballet – Le Corsaire – London

            ★★★★   It’s not the kind of work that will persuade anyone that ballet can be a subtle, nuanced and poetic art, but it is cracking entertainment and a treat in a dreary month.

            San Francisco Ballet in London: Jennifer Stahl in Snowblind by Cathy Marston. (c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Some Memorable Performances of 2019 – London

            Lynette Halewood with some reflections on London dance performances over the last year – the good and the less good…

            Mavin Khoo & Temple of Fine Arts publicity image.(c) and courtesy Sadler’s Wells. (Click image for larger version)

            Mavin Khoo & Temple of Fine Arts – unnamed dance inspired by the Ramayana – London

            ★★★   Mavin Khoo doesn’t appear on stage here: the work has been made on dancers from the Temple of Fine Arts Inner Space Dance, based in Malaysia.

            Joseph Toonga in Born To Manifest.(c) The Other Richard. (Click image for larger version)

            Just Us Dance Theatre / Joseph Toonga – Born To Manifest – London

            ★★★★   This is a thoughtful and nuanced depiction of how complex and fraught identity can be in Britain today, put across with meaty, muscular force by two charismatic performers.

            Momoko Hirata, Cesar Morales and Marion Tait in Giselle.(c) Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – Giselle – London

            ★★★★   …exemplary performances from Momoko Hirata as Giselle and César Morales as Albrecht make for a richly rewarding and moving experience.

            Thomas Lebrun's Another Look at Memory.(c) Frédéric Iovino. (Click image for larger version)

            Thomas Lebrun – Another Look at Memory – London

            ★★★   ‘Another Look at Memory’ is a cool, precise, rigorous piece, set to Philip Glass’s choral work ‘Another Look at Harmony”, finding a language in dance and gesture which responds to, and reflects on, the music’s minimalism.

            Grace Jabbari in Silent Lines.(c) Martin Collins. (Click image for larger version)

            Russell Maliphant Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – Silent Lines – London

            ★★★★   It’s another remarkable achievement from Maliphant, conjuring poetry out of a bare stage, light and movement.

            Oona Doherty in Hope Hunt & The Ascension Into Lazarus.(c) Simon Harrison. (Click image for larger version)

            Oona Doherty – Hope Hunt & The Ascension Into Lazarus – London

            ★★★★   A charismatic and compelling performance and a forensic examination of embattled masculinity, holding the attention throughout with unflagging energy.

            Dane Hurst in Falling Man.(c) Kashvili-Images. (Click image for larger version)

            Dane Hurst and Tom Rowland – Falling Man – London

            ★★★★   Falling Man is a huge achievement, performed with intensity and charisma, and we really need to see it again in our theatres.

            Cordelia Braithwaite and Paris Fitzpatrick in Romeo and Juliet.(c) Johan Persson. (Click image for larger version)

            New Adventures – Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet – London

            ★★★   Our setting is the Verona Institute in the near future. Here disturbed young people have been locked up for an opaque purpose under the eye of a sadistic jailer… A traumatised Juliet meets a troubled Romeo, and it ends as badly as you might expect.

            Dutch National Ballet Junior 青海福彩app官方下载, 2018/19. For the names of dancers see this DNB webpage. (c) Altin Kaftira, courtesy DNB Website. (Click image for larger version)

            Dutch National Ballet Junior 青海福彩app官方下载 – ROH, Young Talent Festival, Quint bill – London

            ★★★   Dutch National Ballet Junior 青海福彩app官方下载 at the ROH Young Talent Festival with 5 works – No Time Before Time, Fuse, What Got You Here, Fingers in the Air and In The Future.

            Junior Ballett Zürich in Wounded.(c) Gregory Batardon. (Click image for larger version)

            Junior Ballett Zürich – Young Talent Festival: Echo of Elements, Wounded, Submerge – London

            ★★★   The twelve dancers are a mix of nationalities, attractive, lively and energetic, fortunately possessing the stamina required to get through a demanding programme.

            San Francisco Ballet in Anima Animus by David Dawson.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem, Bound To, Anima Animus – London

            ★★★★   It’s been a treat to see so much new work made specifically for a company. The dancers are free, unburdened by the weight of history and expectation, with no comparisons to be made to famous past performers or interpretations. It’s all theirs.

            Cai Glover in 9.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou, courtesy the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

            Cas Public – 9 – London

            ★★   Cas Public’s 9, now at the Linbury Theatre is a curious mix, big ideas but flawed execution.

            Ed Myhill in Revellers' Mass.(c) Rhys Cozens. (Click image for larger version)

            National Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 Wales – Awakening: Tundra, Afterimage, Revellers’ Mass – London

            ★★★   It’s quite a mixed evening. The standout item is the final piece, Revellers’ Mass by the company’s resident choreographer, Caroline Finn.

            Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener's Tesseract.(c) Mick Bello / EMPAC. (Click image for larger version)

            Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener – Tesseract – London

            ★★★   Tesseract is a curious, sometimes disorienting mix of film, live dance, and projections of filmed live dance.

            Rambert2: Salome Pressac in Killer Pig.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Sadler’s Wells Sampled, 2019 – London

            ★★★   Once a year Sadler’s Wells puts on Sampled, a pick and mix of the types of dance you might see at the venue. The front stalls seats are taken out, and standing in that area is only a fiver, with cheap tickets in general.

            English National Ballet in Manon.(c) Laurent Liotardo. (Click image for larger version)

            English National Ballet – Manon – London

            ★★★★   The entire cast is committed to the MacMillan idea of everyone having their own character and story, and the result is a richly detailed picture of the conflicts between poverty and wealth, love and lust.

            Thomas Bieszka in In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Memorable Performances of 2018 – London

            Semperoper Ballett Dresden were another new visitor in the summer, with a programme of Forsythe works, some not seen here before. But Forsythe is a theme this year in himself.

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