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            "Birmingham Royal Ballet" tag
            Zeleidy Crespo and Carlos Luis Blanco in Juliano Nunes's Mundo Interpretado.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Acosta Danza – Up Close bill – London

            ★★★   This was indeed a case of Up Close and personal with five intimate pieces variously dosed with Cuban fire and flair…

            Yijing Zhang as the Snow Fairy and Artists of Birmingham Royal Ballet in the Waltz of the Snowflakes in The Nutcracker.(c) Andrew Ross. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – The Nutcracker – London

            ★★★★   In spite of all the problems with performing a proscenium arch ballet in an arena setting with a purpose-built stage, it is no less magical than any other production and in some ways, it works advantageously.

            San Francisco Ballet in London: Jennifer Stahl in Snowblind by Cathy Marston. (c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Some Memorable Performances of 2019 – London

            Lynette Halewood with some reflections on London dance performances over the last year – the good and the less good…

            Francesca Hayward and Gary Avis in Coppélia.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou, courtesy the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

            Royal Ballet – Coppélia – London

            ★★★★   The dancing is so enjoyable, the comedy so appealing, that any flaws in the story telling are easily overlooked.

            Momoko Hirata, Cesar Morales and Marion Tait in Giselle.(c) Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – Giselle – London

            ★★★★   …exemplary performances from Momoko Hirata as Giselle and César Morales as Albrecht make for a richly rewarding and moving experience.

            Washington Ballet in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Delusional Beauty.(c) xmb Photography, courtesy The Washington Ballet. (Click image for larger version)

            Washington Ballet – NEXTsteps: Reverence, Delusional Beauty, Racecar – Washington

            ★★★   The Washington Ballet opened its season with a program of new works created specifically for the company. All three ballets …had a strong visual appeal and plenty of winning ideas…

            Cira Robinson and Mthuthuzeli November with Jose Alves in Cathy Marston's The Suit.(c) Dave Morgan. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet & Ballet Black – A Brief Nostalgia, The Suit, Nine Sinatra Songs – London

            Birmingham Royal Ballet ★★★ & Ballet Black ★★★★★   The Suit rewards multiple viewings and it thoroughly merited the opportunity of the bigger platform…

            Two Husbands by Daniela Cardim - Camino Llonch, Alexander Nuttall, Marianne Allen, Aitor Viscarolasaga Lopez, Kevin Bhoyroo, Marta Rivero de Miranda, Dean Rushton.(c) Deborah Jaffe Photography. (Click image for larger version)

            New English Ballet Theatre – New Works – London

            ★★★   In the event, the levels of polish and invention were quite remarkable given the circumstances.

            Royal Ballet School in David Bintley's Flowers of the Forest.(c) Tristram Kenton. (Click image for larger version)

            Royal Ballet School – Summer Show, ROH Main Stage – London

            ★★★★   The choice of works emphasised ensembles more than individuals. It was interesting to see large numbers of young men dancing together, as well as a more usual female corps de ballet.

            Iain Mackay.(c) Richard Battye. (Click image for larger version)

            5 Questions to Iain Mackay, Director of Yorkshire Ballet Seminars

            This years Yorkshire Ballet Seminars take place from 13 July to 2 August 2019 – time for a word with Director Iain Mackay about what makes them so special and his plans…

            Flyer image, including picture of Theresa Ruth Howard, based on a MoBBallet Instagram post. (Click image for larger version)

            ROH Young Talent Festival Symposium on Exposure, Access and Opportunity

            The Young Talent Festival at London’s Royal Opera House included an important Symposium, hosted by Theresa Ruth Howard, under the title “Exposure, Access and Opportunity: Exploring the Cultural Barriers to Ballet.” Deborah Weiss with a comprehensive report on a stimulating event…

            Tilda Marriage Massey in Ballet Shoes.(c) Alice Pennefather. (Click image for larger version)

            London Children’s Ballet – Ballet Shoes – London

            ★★★   The great achievement of LCB is to mount professional productions, complete with full orchestra, without charging parents for the privilege.

            Samara Downs and Lachlan Monaghan in Hobson’s Choice.(c) Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – Hobson’s Choice – London

            ★★★★   Big-hearted, whimsical, suffused with equal parts romance and drollness, Hobson’s Choice is a gem of the BRB repertoire – long may it keep being revived.

            A picture supplied to illustrte RBS at the Young Talent Festival - Aurora’s Wedding from the 2018 Royal Ballet School Summer Performance.(c) Tristram Kenton. (Click image for larger version)

            Royal Ballet School – ROH, Young Talent Festival, mixed bill – London

            ★★★★   Royal Ballet School at the ROH Young Talent Festival with a mixed bill of over 10, new and old works…

            Céline Gittens and Brandon Lawrence in Sense of Time.(c) Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – [Un]leashed: Lyric Pieces, Sense of Time, Peter and the Wolf – London

            ★★★   Overall, invigorating; a demonstration of the company’s healthy enthusiasm for innovation and playing with the form…

            Northern Ballet 50th Anniversary flyer with Antoinette Brooks-Daw, Rachael Gillespie and Pippa Moore.(c) Guy Farrow. (Click image for larger version)

            Northern Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Programme for 青海福彩app官方下载

            Northern Ballet has just announced details of its 50th Anniversary Season for next year. The plans include a big Gala and new full evening works by Kenneth Tindall (Geisha) & Drew McOnie (Merlin). Here are the full headlines and dates on one page…

            Brooke Ray (Duck) and Tzu-Chai Chou (Bird) in Ruth Brill's Peter and the Wolf.(c) Andrew Ross. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – Seasons in our World, Peter and the Wolf – Cheltenham

            ★★★   Bintley feels strongly about tradition (much more so than most other directors) and the commissions are his way of saying what’s important and passing that baton on.

            Carlos Acosta CBE with Dance Section Charirman Graham Watts (left) and Mark Shenton, President of the Critics Circle.(c) Peter Hogan. (Click image for larger version)

            Carlos Acosta splendidly summed up as he collects his Critics’ Circle 青海福彩app官方下载 to the Arts award

            I was at the recent Critics’ Circle lunch when Carlos Acosta won his latest award and was struck by Graham Watts citation – it seemed to splendidly sum up Carlos, both the man and his illustrious career… and why exactly we all admire him. BM, Ed.

            Ruth Brill.(c) courtesy Birmingham Royal Ballet. (Click image for larger version)

            5 Questions to choreographer Ruth Brill, about to unveil ‘Peter & The Wolf’ for Birmingham Royal Ballet

            We quickly catch up with choreographer Ruth Brill about her latest work for BRB, how she creates and what else she is up to… she’s a busy bee!

            Jasper Conran.(Click image for larger version)

            Jasper Conran, designer, on working in ballet with David Bintley and now Christopher Wheeldon

            Jasper Conran is producing new designs for Christopher Wheeldon’s “Within the Golden Hour”, to be premiered by the Royal Ballet on the 8 May 2019. Jann Parry talks to Conran about the designs and his earlier and extensive work for David Bintley at Birmingham Royal Ballet…

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