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            "San Francisco" tag
            Amy Lewis in piano piano.(c) John Hefti. (Click image for larger version)

            Nancy Karp + Dancers – piano piano – San Francisco

            ★★★★   the phrase ‘piano piano’ translates as “slowly, slowly, gradually, gently, carefully; quietly; take your time; don’t rush – you’ll figure it out.”

            Jennifer Stahl and Luke Ingham in McIntyre's The Big Hunger.(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Dance Innovations, Big Hunger (premiere) bill – San Francisco

            ★★★   There were parts I adored and elements that didn’t resonate as much.

            Paul Taylor Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 in Esplanade.(c) Paul B. Goode. (Click image for larger version)

            Paul Taylor Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – Concertiana, 青海福彩app官方下载 B, Esplanade – San Francisco

            ★★★★   Paul Taylor Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 shone in the two older works on the program, Esplanade and 青海福彩app官方下载 B.

            San Francisco Ballet in Morris’ Sandpaper Ballet.(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Program 2, Classical Re(Vision) bill – San Francisco

            ★★★★   San Francisco Ballet’s Program 2 was dubbed Classical Re(Vision) – a remembering of and reconnection with choreography in SFB’s existing repertory catalogue.

            Yuan Yuan Tan and Vitor Luiz in pas de deux from Possokhov's Bells.(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Opening Night Gala – San Francisco

            ★★★★   ‘Spellbound’ delivered in every regard – opulent grandeur, terrific people watching and above all, marvelous dance.

            Ekaterina Kondaurova in La Bayadere.(c) Natasha Razina. (Click image for larger version)

            Mariinsky Ballet – La Bayadère – San Francisco

            ★★★★   the Mariinsky’s production was a welcome ravishment of vibrant costumes, shimmering jewels, romantic storytelling and sheer entertainment…

            Lani Dickinson and Yuko Monden Juma in Pita's Alice in Californiland.(c) David DeSilva. (Click image for larger version)

            AXIS Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – Inoterotwine, works by Arthur Pita, Jennifer Archibald & Robert Dekkers – San Francisco

            ★★★★★   AXIS, a bold and innovative leader in physically integrated dance, just presented their latest triple bill including two important premieres…

            Arthur Pita.(c) courtesy of arthurpita.com. (Click image for larger version)

            Interview: Arthur Pita on choreographing “Alice in Californiland” for AXIS Dance 青海福彩app官方下载

            Arthur Pita’s latest work is called “Alice in Californiland” for the Bay Area AXIS Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – to be premiered later this week, on Friday 25 October, Claudia Bauer caught up with him to find out what its all about – a thought provoking collision of Lewis Carroll and 青海福彩app官方下载lessness…

            Madeline DeVries in Azoth.(c) Manny Crisostomo. (Click image for larger version)

            Alonzo King LINES Ballet – The Personal Element, Azoth – San Francisco

            ★★★★   A double-bill of compelling contemporary movement, the centerpiece of the performance was Azoth, a new collaboration between Artistic Director Alonzo King, tenor saxophonist Charles Lloyd and composer/pianist Jason Moran.

            Aaron Loux in Mozart Dances.(c) Ken Friedman. (Click image for larger version)

            Mark Morris Dance Group – Mozart Dances – San Francisco

            ★★★★   Mozart Dances goes far beyond a basic choreographic rendering of the score, instead inviting an active dialogue between disciplines.

            Margaret Jenkins Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 in Trace Figures.(c) Margo Moritz. (Click image for larger version)

            Margaret Jenkins Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – Trace Figures – San Francisco

            ★★★★   Friday the 13th was auspicious for San Francisco dance: Margaret Jenkins Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 premiered Trace Figures, a site-specific performance immersion that could be done by no other company or permutation of artists.

            Chelsea Reichert and Alex Carrington in Maurya Kerr's my beloved comet.(c) Robbie Sweeny. (Click image for larger version)

            FACT/SF Summer Dance Festival including works by Davis/Mullis, Dazaun Soleyn and Maurya Kerr – San Francisco

            ★★★★   SF choreographers Maurya Kerr, Dazaun Soleyn and Slender-White, and the visiting duo of Joy Davis (Boston) and Eric Mullis (Charlotte, North Carolina), presented new works of 10–20 minutes in length.

            Miche Wong in Garrett + Moulton Productions publicty image.(c) RJ Muna. (Click image for larger version)

            Garrett + Moulton Productions – Four Acts of Light & Wonder bill – San Francisco

            ★★★   …the most apt descriptor for the entire program was joyful.

            Isaac Bates-Vinueza and Alysia Chang in Seiwert's Verses.(c) Chris Hardy. (Click image for larger version)

            Amy Seiwert’s Imagery – SKETCH 9: Perspective bill – San Francisco

            ★★★★   The SKETCH series, from Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, is one of my favorite summer dance events in San Francisco. The company dancers are always terrific, both technically and artistically.

            Lyubov Andreyeva and Dmitry Fisher in The Pygmalion Effect.(c) Michael Khoury. (Click image for larger version)

            Eifman Ballet – The Pygmalion Effect – San Francisco

            ★★★★   Yes, the narrative has its inherent challenges, but the choreography, performances and design all riveted with drama, intensity and humour.

            Lydia Clinton and Cauveri Suresh in Dance Exhibit.(c) Robbie Sweeny. (Click image for larger version)

            Lauren Simpson Dance – Dance Exhibit – San Francisco

            ★★★★   I caught the show on closing night and saw a terrific company debut filled with collaboration, rigor and a connection to the visual art community.

            Michelle Dorrance and Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie in ETM: Double Down.(c) Elliott Franks. (Click image for larger version)

            Dorrance Dance – ETM: Double Down – San Francisco

            ★★★★   Dorrance Dance have a winning formula – creative innovation, dynamic physical feats, engaging stage presence and feet that move at superhuman speeds.

            Wona Park and Angelo Greco in Ratmansky's Concerto #1.(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Shostakovich Trilogy – San Francisco

            ★★★   The choreography in Shostakovich Trilogy, which was co-commissioned by SFB and ABT and premiered in 2014, is as frustratingly capricious as the music.

            Lauren Strongin and Joseph Walsh in Scarlett's Die Toteninsel.(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Die Toteninsel (premiere), Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes, Bj"ork Ballet – San Francisco

            ★★★   Liam Scarlett has great taste in dancers. For the 29 March world premiere of Die Toteninsel, his fourth commission for San Francisco Ballet, the British choreographer chose the lyrical and athletic principal Joseph Walsh and soloist Lauren Strongin…

            Aaron Robison and Joseph Walsh in Possokhov's "...two united in a single soul...".(c) Erik Tomasson. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem, Bound To, “…two united in a single soul…” – San Francisco

            ★★★   Program 5, titled Lyric Voices, welcomed back Trey McIntyre’s Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem and Christopher Wheeldon’s Bound To and the new work came from Yuri Possokhov…

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