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            "The Place" tag
            San Francisco Ballet in London: Jennifer Stahl in Snowblind by Cathy Marston. (c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Some Memorable Performances of 2019 – London

            Lynette Halewood with some reflections on London dance performances over the last year – the good and the less good…

            Faith Prendergast in The Little Prince.(c) Jane Hobson. (Click image for larger version)

            Luca Silvestrini’s Protein – The Little Prince – London

            ★★★★   Silvestrini has fashioned a striking theatrical experience in perfect harmony with this timeless story, capped by a triumphal performance in the title role.

            Pierre Tappon, Nancy Nerantzi, Liam Riddick and Nathan Goodman in Isthmus.(c) Tony Nandi. (Click image for larger version)

            Richard Alston Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – Alston at 青海福彩app官方下载 – London

            ★★★★   Richard Alston’s title for his company’s last tour before it closes in 青海福彩app官方下载 is Final Edition. The autumn run ended with four performances at The Place, in a programme aptly called Alston At 青海福彩app官方下载.

            Joseph Toonga in Born To Manifest.(c) The Other Richard. (Click image for larger version)

            Just Us Dance Theatre / Joseph Toonga – Born To Manifest – London

            ★★★★   This is a thoughtful and nuanced depiction of how complex and fraught identity can be in Britain today, put across with meaty, muscular force by two charismatic performers.

            Tom Dale 青海福彩app官方下载 in Step Sonic.(c) Chris Nash. (Click image for larger version)

            Tom Dale 青海福彩app官方下载 – Step Sonic, Resonance of Air, Escape, Surge – London

            Tom Dale 青海福彩app官方下载 Step Sonic, Resonance of Air, Escape, Surge ★★★ London, The Place 14 November 2019 tomdale.org.uk www.theplace.org.uk This two-part programme of work in progress further enhances Tom Dale’s reputation as a…

            Ace Dance and Music - Skin Reimagined publicity image.(c) Brian Slater. (Click image for larger version)

            ACE Dance and Music – Skin Reimagined: Blind Trip, Letlalo – London

            ★★   Blind Trip was longer than it deserved to be and mixed too many ideas to be compact and coherent, while Letlalo left me wanting more of the performance on stage but less of the filming going on beside me.

            Margherita Elliot in BEAT.(c) Alicia Clarke. (Click image for larger version)

            Igor and Moreno – BEAT – London

            ★★★★★   Cool, intelligent, thought-provoking, BEAT excels because of its fantastic creative team and its absolute superstar dancer, Margherita Elliot.

            Sung Im Her's Nutcrusher.(c) Sang Hoon Ok. (Click image for larger version)

            Sung Im Her – Nutcrusher – London

            ★★★   Sung Im Her’s Nutcrusher is a dance work which adds a valuable contribution to the #metoo movement with its gritty aesthetics and undoing of the sexually coded body.

            Clemmie Sveaas, Jonathan Savage and Christopher Akrill in While You Are Here.(c) Joe Walkling. (Click image for larger version)

            Jonathan Goddard and Lily McLeish – While You Are Here – London

            ★★   While You Are Here is disappointing despite using a cohort of the best contemporary dancers in the country青海福彩app官方下载, working with theatre director Lily McLeish and featuring fine design and lighting.

            Ashley McLellan and Lilian Steiner in Lucy Guerin's Split.(c) Gregory Lorenzutti. (Click image for larger version)

            Lucy Guerin – Split – London

            ★★★★   Fascinating for the duration of its 50 mins, Split focusses on duality – charting the shifts between Ashley McLellan and Lilian Steiner as they negotiate their space, timing, movement and relationship.

            Publicity image for Gary Clarke 青海福彩app官方下载 in Wasteland.(c) Joe Armitage. (Click image for larger version)

            Gary Clarke 青海福彩app官方下载 – Wasteland – London

            ★★★   Clarke doesn’t pull any punches with his ending …once again, a community is left defiant but defeated.

            Impermanence in Baal.(c) Aaron Davies. (Click image for larger version)

            Impermanence – Baal – London

            ★★★   Baal conveys a convincing Brechtian essence framed through a contemporary gaze. It’s an intriguing work that celebrates the company’s wild creativity…

            Lucie Mirkova.(c) Dani Bower Photography. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham’s DanceXchange Launches Ambitious Plans to Support New Artists

            Diane Parkes talks to Lucie Mirkova, Head of Artistic Programmes at Birmingham’s DanceXchange, about their forward thinking new approaches to artist development including linking with others across the UK to do better for new artists…

            Naulaq LeDrew and Avatara Ayuso in No Woman's Land.(c) Adam Dreeseen. (Click image for larger version)

            AVA Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 – ORIGINS Festival: No Woman’s Land – London

            ★★★★   Ava Dance 青海福彩app官方下载’s essay on the tribulations of the Inuit people from the northern-most reaches of Canada is appropriately a mix of dance theatre and spoken text…

            Ben Duke and Solene Weinachter in Juliet & Romeo.(c) Jane Hobson. (Click image for larger version)

            Lost Dog – Juliet & Romeo – London

            ★★★★   Juliet and Romeo is a clever work on many different levels.

            The Rite of Spring by Seeta Patel.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Seeta Patel – The Rite of Spring, Dance Dialogues – London

            ★★★   Rite of Spring: Through the perspective of a South Asian gaze, the brutality and finality of the original ballet’s pagan sacrifice is tempered by a rich spirituality and the optimistic suggestion of an after-life. It’s still scary but less barbaric.

            The Kids Are Alright pubicity image.(c) Love Oh Love Photography. (Click image for larger version)

            Fuel and Encounter – The Kids Are Alright – London

            ★★   The main story revolved around bereaved parents who had lost their ten-year old daughter, Sophie, on a daytrip to the Natural History Museum, in London….

            Alleyne Dance in A Night’s Game.(c) Driftnote. (Click image for larger version)

            Alleyne Dance – The Other Side of Me, A Night’s Game – London

            ★★★★   Both sisters were competitive athletes before turning to dance and catching a flying chair is just one of many signs of their mutual sporting prowess…

            Corali Dance 青海福彩app官方下载.(c) Jon C Archdeacon. (Click image for larger version)

            Corali Dance 青海福彩app官方下载 with Thick & Tight – Technicolour Everyday bill – London

            ★★★   Even as I leave the show not really having understood every bit of it, I’m touched by the multi-skilled performers and their unforced honesty.

            The Yonis.(c) Alex Gent. (Click image for larger version)

            Woman SRSLY – Takeover: Wildlife in Strange Waters – London

            ★★★   Woman SRSLY’s feminist energy exploded all over the Place last Thursday. The foyer and bar area were transformed into a colourful pink fun-fair.

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