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            Natasha Gooden in Message in a Bottle.(c) Helen Maybanks. (Click image for larger version)

            Kate Prince and Sting – Message in a Bottle – London

            ★★★   The idea of setting a story about a refugee family to the songs of Sting was inevitably an enforced marriage of his diverse lyrics with a narrative for which they were never intended.

            Edward Watson and Olga Smirnova in McGregor + Mugler.(c) Sasha Gusov. (Click image for larger version)

            MuzArts – Radio & Juliet, Faun, McGregor + Mugler – London

            ★★   There was certainly some spectacle and some good dancing, and not just from the big stars. However, the most heavily promoted piece and world premiere was an excruciating fifteen minutes of disappointment…

            Byron Tittle and Michelle Dorrance in Myelination.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Dorrance Dance – Myelination, Jungle Blues, Three to One – London

            ★★★★   Dorrance Dance boast crisp technique and a sharp-witted approach that catapults tap way beyond its show-biz associations.

            Joseph Sissens in Charlotte Edmonds' jojo.(c) Maria Baranova. (Click image for larger version)

            Royal Ballet dancers at the Joyce Ballet Festival – Program A, An Evening of Solos and Duets – New York

            ★★★   Program A consisted of a string of solos and duets representing a slice of the company’s choreographic trajectory, from Frederick Ashton through Kenneth MacMillan to Liam Scarlett, Wayne McGregor, and Charlotte Edmonds.

            San Francisco Ballet in Anima Animus by David Dawson.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            San Francisco Ballet – Your Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem, Bound To, Anima Animus – London

            ★★★★   It’s been a treat to see so much new work made specifically for a company. The dancers are free, unburdened by the weight of history and expectation, with no comparisons to be made to famous past performers or interpretations. It’s all theirs.

            Carmela Mayo in Bj

            San Francisco Ballet – The Infinite Ocean, Snowblind, Bj"ork Ballet – London

            ★★★★   Ballet companies across the globe are in a new age of commissioning …but none can match the pioneering zeal of this, the oldest American ballet company.

            Rambert in Marion Motin's Rouge.(c) Johan Persson. (Click image for larger version)

            Rambert – PreSentient, Rouge, In Your Rooms – London

            ★★★   The bill is a bold statement of intent – but a little underwhelming in reality.

            Morgann Runacre-Temple.(c) Robert Gravenor. (Click image for larger version)

            Catching up with Morgann Runacre-Temple – work for Scottish Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet and more

            A busy time for Morgann Runacre-Temple with work for Scottish Ballet’s Digital Season, Stuttgart Ballet’s Noverre Young Choreographers Evening, English National Ballet and also her recent Northern Ballet commission will be touring again. She stops to answer 5 questions…

            Russian Ballet Icons Gala 2019 Gala group photo.(c) Jack Devant. (Click image for larger version)

            Russian Ballet Icons Gala 2019 – London

            ★★★   The annual Ballet Icons gala, now in its 14th year, aims to promote Russian culture while providing a Sunday evening’s entertainment for Russians in London and ballet-lovers…

            Cathy Marston.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Cathy Marston on her new work for Northern Ballet, Victoria, the creative process and more…

            Marston has been working at Northern Ballet creating Victoria for the company (premiere this month) and we wanted to find out more, also catch up on other commissions and discuss just how she works creatively and manages to juggle it all so effortlessly…

            Alessandra Ferri and Herman Cornejo.(c) Nicolay Krusser. (Click image for larger version)

            Alessandra Ferri, Herman Cornejo and Bruce Levingston – TRIO ConcertDance – London

            ★★★★   A harmonious blending of music and dance, it proved seventy-five minutes of non-stop bliss!

            Momoko Hirata and César Morales in The Nutcracker.(c) Bill Cooper. (Click image for larger version)

            Birmingham Royal Ballet – Autumn delights: La fille mal gardée & The Nutcracker – London & Birmingham

            ★★★★   I look forward to the changes inevitably coming to BRB, but I can’t believe any new director will turn their back on such repertoire gems as La fille mal gardee and their Peter Wright Nutcracker.

            (c) Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards

            2018 National Dance Awards – Announcement of Nominations

            The Dance Section of the Critics’ Circle is pleased to announce the nominations for the 19th National Dance Awards…

            Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball in The Unknown Soldier.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou, courtesy the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

            Royal Ballet – The Unknown Soldier (premiere), Infra, Symphony in C – London

            ★★★   If The Unknown Soldier is dispiritingly low-key, Wayne McGregor’s Infra remains assertively bold…

            Yasmine Naghdi in The Unknown Soldier.(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou, courtesy the Royal Opera House. (Click image for larger version)

            Gallery – Royal Ballet in The Unknown Soldier, Infra, Symphony in C

            Featuring Alastair Marriott’s new “The Unknown Soldier”, Wayne McGregor’s “Infra” and Balanchine’s “Symphony in C”. Gallery by Foteini Christofilopoulou…

            Mayara Magri makes her debut as Gamzatti in La Bayadere on 14th November 2018.(c) and courtesy The Royal Ballet. (Click image for larger version)

            Interview: Mayara Magri, First Soloist, The Royal Ballet

            Jann Parry talks to the recently promoted Mayara Magri at an important time – she is about to make her debut as Gamzatti in The Royal Ballet’s production of La Bayadere – her first major and leading role in the company she joined 6 years ago…

            Le Patin Libre in Threshold.(c) Romain Guilbaul. (Click image for larger version)

            Le Patin Libre – Threshold – London

            ★★★★   If there is a major difference between Le Patin Libre of 2014 and now, then surely it lies in this merger of these skaters’ extreme skills with the same elite capability in their artistic collaborators.

            Carlos Acosta.(c) Johan Persson. (Click image for larger version)

            Carlos Acosta – Dancer, Directer, Choreographer: ‘I am a man on a mission – I always have been’

            “That’s what it’s always been about for me – the necessity to connect with an audience and express myself.”

            Robert Carter in The Dying Swan.(c) Emma Kauldhar. (Click image for larger version)

            Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (Trocks) – Les Sylphides bill – London

            ★★★★   The curtain calls for Robert Carter’s “Dying Swan” are nearly as long as the ballet itself and just as funny.

            Aidan Gibson and Casey Ouzounis in Neue Suite (Berio 1-2-3).(c) Foteini Christofilopoulou. (Click image for larger version)

            Semperoper Ballett – In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, Neue Suite, Enemy in the Figure – London

            ★★★   Semperoper’s dancers distort the classical ballet line more than the Paris Opera Ballet’s (or ENB’s) and don’t bother much with fifth positions or precise épaulement for Forsythe’s endless tendus. They seem contemporary dancers rather than étoiles being outrageous.

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